Monday, July 14, 2014

New born website


To start this BlogShop, 
I hereby sincerely apologise for the inconvenient caused by my fickle minded of changing website for 3 times or more!
In just one month ago, I have decided to combine both my Blogshop and Personal Blog together so it is easier for me to manage both at the same time.
I realised that it is even harder to manage it and TBS Blogshop may not be very exposed to the public and my personal blog also needs some personal space. Haaaa. 
Sooooo, despite having a hectic schedule, I still squeeze out some time to do this BRAND NEW BLOGSHOP FOR TBS!
This purpose is to let shoppers to be able to shop happily and conveniently in our official website.

I, Hereby declare the commencement of THEBARCODESPREE'S ( TBS )



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